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Jim, Jack and Joe are three individuals with severe learning disabilities.  All three gentlemen are supported by the same care provider and were initially referred because of concerns raised by one gentlemen's family member.  The initial concerns were financial inconsistencies and after further involvement with the three gentlemen, it was highlighted the careprovider had on numerous occasions, failed to provide a good standard of support/care to the three men, especially regarding financial issues.

Several service reviews have taken place and the main outcome is that the careprovider will be monitored for at least a year in order to prove that the mismanagement of the past will not continue to happen.  As an advocate I continue to monitor closely the support provision by regular meetings with the gentlemen and by talking to the care staff and checking the records of financial matters.

The overall outcome so far regarding the three gentlemen is that they have a better quality of life, more staff members provide better support and more activities.  The gentlemen now appear less anxious and are smiling a lot more.  Health appointments are now regularly arranged and attended, something that was delayed or omitted in the past.  The three gentlemen will continue to receive advocacy support until such time we are confident the gentlemen's rights of receiving adequate support are preserved.


(Names have been changed to uphold confidentiality)

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